The Comeback of the Mix CD

When I was younger it was almost expected that your new boo create a mix CD for you and that they make you one for every important relationship milestone. You know? The 1 week anniversary, the 1 month anniversary, the 1 month anniversary of your first kiss and if you got to 6 months than you expected a “Mega Mix” CD.

Most recent mix CD I’ve made got some Aaliyah, The Killers and even some Macy Gray.

Nowadays, since the invention of the MP3 player and iPod, you’re more likely to get an iTunes gift card than a CD full of songs you two could share together. And since music is so easily accessible now it seems like more work to make a mix CD than it does to make a Spotify playlist or to just download the song on iTunes.

We could take it real far back with the mix tapes. Those were a bitch to try and make. You had to have that tape ready to record in your stereo because you never knew when that one song you’ve been trying to get for 6 weeks would finally come on the radio. And than if you’re lucky enough to get to your stereo fast enough, you’d have to hope the DJ didn’t interrupt the song with that self promo bullshit.

Let’s get back on topic though, last week I had this aha moment when I was listening to my iPod and I put it on shuffle and I found myself skipping every single song. I wanted to make myself listen to something other than the same 20 songs I always listen to but with it so easy for me to skip them I failed at my mission. And that’s when I thought about mix CDs. 

Notice the candles? Yeah this is pretty much my sacred place.

When I would put a mix CD in my stereo and go lay in my bed I didn’t really have that easy ability to change the song whenever I want. I mean I had a controller for my stereo but let’s be honest I never knew where the hell that thing was and I was either way too lazy or going through some teenage angst shit to bother getting up to change whatever was playing. I’d just let the words sink in, the music drown into my ears and just let whatever feelings I was feeling in those moments be felt.

I propose that we bring back the mix CD. We bring back the days when we showed someone how we felt with the music that made us feel those same feelings. We bring back the days when we’d spend a week trying to pick out the perfect songs, create the cover art and decide on the coolest name we could think of to really describe that feeling.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a badass mix CD for someone, anyone. A friend, a boyfriend, your parent(s), your sibling, your dog or even yourself. 

If you do, please post a photo of it on Instagram and use the hashtag #messyindigochildmix


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