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Stuck In Autumn

“It’s SPRING!” is what most people are rejoicing in right now. Ostara was about 2 weeks ago and I wanted so badly to really get into it this year. But it seems that I am forever stuck in autumn.

Spring is a time of manifesting, to me at least, it’s a time to begin those new adventures, that new project or start something fresh. That’s why we always hear about people doing their spring cleaning. I think this is because naturally, when the sun has been gone for so long and the days have been so cold, we want to start fresh when mother nature also starts fresh. The flowers and trees are blooming again with new life and the animals are ascending from hibernation. We naturally want to do the same.

Autumn (Mabon) for me is a time of reflection and endings. It signals, in my mind, a time to end projects I’ve been working on, reflect back on my year and to prepare for the darker days ahead. For me it’s a time of solitude. In the past this time of year definitely gave me Hermit vibes. Though the fall season is my favorite (Halloween is my all time favorite holiday and I make no apologies for that lol) but it’s still a time of darkness, shadow work and reflection.

I feel I have been stuck in this feeling for quite some time now. Since autumn of 2015 actually. I haven’t felt a sense of renewal, refreshment or rebirth since then and I think it’s shows in my practice both spiritually and magically. I don’t want to forces it but I do long to feel a sense of completion already.

Sometimes it feels like I’ve been trying to better understand the same shadows for the past 2 years. It might be time for me to take a step back from the shadow work and more forward for a little while. Maybe focus more of self love and manifesting, rather than trying to relive the past. I feel as if I just made a breakthrough while writing this lol.

So vow, to myself, here and now to try and re blossom and rebirth that old spark inside of myself. I intend on setting some new goals for this year and I feel like now is a great time for that.

Feminist, Party of One.

Yep. I’m going to go into a “feminist rant” now. Really I just feel like I need to address why some people (women mostly, is who I’m talking about here) don’t want to be called feminist. I wrote a piece a few weeks ago about how feminism isn’t cool anymore, where I just stretched the surface of the “anti feminist” trend that I have been witnessing lately.

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Right now though, I’d like to point out the major hypocrisy in the “anti feminist” ideology and my own opinions on the whole thing.

The main reason I see many people arguing against feminism is that it’s not inclusive. Their argument is that if feminist were really about equal rights for everyone then they wouldn’t be called feminist in the first place. To understand why feminism is called feminism you need to look at the origins of the movement and it’s history. Feminism, as I think we all know, was a movement created to establish equal rights (both politically, economically and socially) for women when women were believed to be less than.

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Comparing this to a movement like Black Lives Matter, it’s not that people within this movement are saying everyone else doesn’t matter too. They are not fighting for special treatment of blacks or minorities, nor are they fighting against every single white person. The reason the movement is called Black Lives Matter is because right now, at this moment in time, they are the ones being punished, targeted and killed simply for the color of their skin. They are the ones who need to fight for equality and acceptance. They are the focus of this movement.

Feminism, I feel, can be explained in a similar way. By saying “I’m a feminist” I am not saying “I hate all men”, I am simple saying that right now, in my world today, I feel as though as a woman I am not treated fairly and equally to my male counterparts. It isn’t about hating men, it’s about loving myself as a woman enough to know that I deserve to not only be politically and economically equal to men but I also deserve to be socially equal.

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Then there’s the “I just don’t want to be grouped with feminazis” to which I say, oh well. There are bad apples in every group. More often than not I’ve found that the people who say this the most are those who are apart of some sort of organized political party or religion. A catholic girl saying “I believe in everything feminist do, I just don’t call myself a feminist because I don’t want to be grouped with the extreme feminist. People might think I’m like that too.” seems so hypocritical to me because I just think to myself – so you’re okay with calling yourself catholic, a religious group of people who are often grouped with pedophiles and child molesters but not with feminist who are sometimes referred to as man haters?

As I’ve said to many people (usually in the comments sections of YT videos where, let’s be honest, nobody actually cares what you have to say unless you’re patting them on the back for their intolerance or ignorance) that I am not going to stop calling myself a pagan just because some people have a negative connotation of the word or because some pagans don’t think I’m actually pagan (though it’s an umbrella term so….) because I have a more agnostic view of the world and spirituality as a whole, that doesn’t stop me from identifying as a pagan.

Then there’s the argument – Why don’t you just call yourself an egalitarian? Which if you didn’t know means : relating to or believing in the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.

Which sounds great and I am more then happy to use this term in accompany with feminist. I do believe in equality for every human being but (isn’t there always a big ol’ butt?) right now, in my life, I am focused on the inequality of women politically, economically and socially.

So you can say you’re not a feminist, but believe in everything feminism stands for, because you don’t want to be lumped with the radicals but, in my opinion, you should also refrain from using any labels to identify yourself or your beliefs. You know, to insure you’re not grouped with all the radicals within that group, movement, religious organization or political party . And if you call yourself, let’s say, a christian but at the same time disassociate yourself with feminism (because of the radicals) just know that I will assume you are just like all the radical christians, since you seem to be okay with using one label and not another despite the presence of radical ideals in each group.

I Dream Of…

Getting chased by strangers??

Last night I had the weirdest dream, though to be honest a lot of my dreams are pretty unusual anyways, about being chased by a strange man.

I didn’t recognize this man, which I’ve read isn’t uncommon as we tend to place strangers we might have encountered in our day to day lives into our dreams, and I didn’t feel threatened by him at first.

In this dream I was walking in some random neighborhood, that I also didn’t recognize, in the dark. For some reason I had stopped in front of a house and when I started walking away I realized that I forgot my laptop. I must have placed it on the ground in front of this house. So I turned around to go back to get it, hoping it wasn’t stolen, and a strange man walked up to me and asked “Was someone in front of my house?!” and I said “Yeah, I’m sorry I think I left my laptop in your yard.”

He smiled at me and said that it was okay, though he sounded anger when he asked if someone was in front of his house, but I guess it didn’t concern “dream” me. He offered to walk back to his house with me so that I could retrieve my computer.

The next thing I remember is him getting really mad at me and beginning to chase me. But in my dream, as this often happens, it was like I was moving in slow motion and I couldn’t get away from him. He was right behind me and then I woke up.

The only thing I can really remember about his appearance was his fair skin, blonde hair and this creepy evil (al

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most joker like) grin on his face. It freaked me out and I had a really tough time trying to get back to sleep.

And now, not sure if this is related, my thumb is doing this uncontrollable tremor thing. It’s done this before but it usually stops after a few minutes but it’s been happening all day. Perhaps it’s just stress.

Let’s just hope tonight’s dreams are a little more unicorns and rainbows.

“Normal Jobs”

edit: it is now currently 6am the next morning and i haven’t been to sleep yet so i thought i’d finish up this post to share with all of you. enjoy.

I am currently waiting for my boyfriend to head off to the studio so I can finally sit down and actually record the first episode of my new podcast Spiritual Tea. It feels like I’ve been talking about this for so long that the words “spiritual”, “tea” and “podcast” has almost lost all meaning to me. But I’ve got my notes and I’m going to make myself a yummy cup of green tea, so I’m ready.

Ya know, I’m constantly being told (mostly by the “baby boomers”) that I must not be working hard enough, doing enough, or sometimes I’m accused of not working at all because I don’t have a traditional 9-5 like they did when they were my age. Working from home, creating a business (I’m talking about my Etsy) and actually lovin what you do is still seen as “not real work”. How could you possibly be working hard if you’re not completely miserable and unhappy like I was? 

I’m not sure if this is everyone’s experience but I’ve come to realize, in my life at least, no one is ever going to take me seriously when it comes to working. It’s either:

  1. “You’re not making as much money as I would like to make, therefore you must be doing something wrong.”
  2. “If you don’t have to leave your house to go to work then you’re not working.”
  3. “Working is when you get a paycheck every week with your name on it.”
  4. “If you’re not doing it my way, then you’re doing it the wrong way.”

Okay, so maybe I made these statements a little more… generic… but you get the point. So, um, why are you telling me this Sarah? Well, my little star baby, it’s because I want you to know that people like this do not define your worth. So let’s “debunk” these right now.

  1. Their dream is not your dream. So you’re family or friends aspire to be millionaires. That’s awesome! But…. you do not need to aspire this as well. This may come as a shock to some of you but it’s not about money, money, money for everyone. If you’ve found yourself in a place of “I’d just like to be comfortable” and for you comfortable is a small house in the woods, a studio apartment in the city or living in a van on the road 24/7 that’s okay.
  2. Okay, times have changed. We have the internet, cellphones…. Twitter. I mean people are literally making money running Twitter and Instagram accounts. Working from home is no longer the unachievable, more and more people are desiring this option everyday.
  3. This is that “mob mentality” way of thinking. We’ve been brainwashed to believe that we’re only as worthy as the numbers printed on a piece of paper. It’s been drilled into our heads that a “normal job” is one where you sit in traffic for aN hour, sit at a desk for 8 hours and come home to sit on the couch for 4 hours. Then every 2 weeks you get a little piece of paper with the amount of money someone thought your time, effort and hard work was worth. Don’t even get me started on “the man”.
  4. The last one is the one I hear the most often. I didn’t achieve my goals in a way that someone else would have, therefore I must be wrong. I don’t live my life the way someone else does, therefore I must be wrong. I don’t have the same dreams of big houses, fancy cars and design clothes (which I guess some people think this is what everyone wants) therefore I must be wrong.

My brother once told me “if it’s not going to make you a million dollars someday, then it’s not worth it.” He was referring to my Etsy shop. I was talking to him about my goals for the shop and new designs I’d be launching soon but admittedly I was complain a little about how much work I put into it and how I wish I was seeing a little more kickback. I should have known that he would suggest not pursuing if I wasn’t going to be making myself rich from it.

Than there’s friends (who are more like family) who are always trying to suggest ways for me to “improve” my shop. They’ll tell me about some new fad or trend that everyone is into and then insist that if I sell these things I’ll make more money. They are ALWAYS suggesting I design things that don’t fit my brand because they think it’s cute or they would like it.

And in the end when I don’t take their advice I get the “I must not want it bad enough” speech. “It” being success and “success” actually meaning lots of money.

You can’t please everyone. It is not your job to be someone else’s version of success. It’s about what you define as success. If success to you is living in a studio apartment, in the city and living off the income from making clay figurines of creepy baby monsters then be the best creepy baby monster figurine maker you can be!

Spiritual Tea | Episode One | Spiritual Spending

Spiritual Tea (1)Episode One of Spiritual Tea is now available on both YouTube and Soundcloud

In this first episode I talk about buying and selling spiritual and magical goods and services. I discuss everything from tarot readings and witchcraft courses to buying spells and hiring witches to curse people.

Please be sure to give me your feedback so that I can improve the podcast, get another perspective on the topic and get some fresh ideas from all of you about what to discuss next.

Thanks for listening star babies!

Definition VS Personal Opinion

This can relate to any topic really but I want to focus more on common words in the spiritual community, specifically in the pagan / witchcraft community. When does the actually definition of a word not matter anymore? When does someone’s own personal experience (or a group of people’s experiences) or opinions begin to dictate what that word now means and who can use it?

Of course we’ve seen it with feminism (ya’ll know how much I love to bring this topic up lol). People don’t want to call themselves a feminist because of the way other people, who call themselves feminist, behave. Or they say that so and so isn’t a real feminist because they did blank.

Interestingly on the Pagan Youtube FB group someone posted about a young lady on Youtube who has started a, sort of, course or class online about witchcraft that she charges $300 to sign up for. The original poster on the FB group didn’t seem to be the one bothered with the use of the word “coven” but when I read the comments I wasn’t surprised that not many could agree if the use of the word was okay or not. Or more importantly if it was misleading.

Some stating that they simply don’t see a problem and some flat out saying that this “isn’t a real coven” because it isn’t similar to any coven they’ve been a part of in the past or present. And some saying it isn’t because you shouldn’t have to pay to be a part of a coven dynamic. Which brings us to a whole other discussion altogether about charging for “witchy” or spiritual services (which I plan to talk about next week on Spiritual Tea). Someone else said that the use of the word “coven” (in the context I’m assuming) is misappropriating the word.

So this brings me back to my original question: When does the actually definition of a word not matter anymore? When does someone’s own personal experience (or a group of people’s experiences) or opinions begin to dictate what that word now means and who can use it?

The definition of the word coven is: a group or gathering of witches who meet regularly. Or a secret or close-knit group of associates.

Nowhere in the definition does it explicitly say that someone couldn’t charge to be apart of one or that it must be X amount of witches of X age. Nor does it say who can form a coven or what the coven members need to do or how they should do it. So by definition you could literally call any close group of friends / associates a coven and it wouldn’t be misappropriating the word.

But what about the money part? Well some may argue that it isn’t ethical or appropriate to charge to be a part of a coven. And some will argue that a coven of a certain size, taking up a certain large amount of the “leaders” (or teachers) time would be something one would be expected to pay for. Not to mention that online covens and “in person” covens are different in that one can be hosted at someone’s home with little to no money needed to connect to each other. An online coven however relies on internet connection and website hosting, among other things like webcam, computer programs and not to mention the most expensive thing of all, time. Creating videos, blog post, ebooks, courses, ezines, podcast and much more takes a lot of time and planning. Like I said before, I will be discussing the topic of charging money in exchange for spiritual / magical goods and services next week.

Since we’re on the topics of words being misappropriated, I’d like to talk about how I think using the word “Tribe” is misleading and kind of makes me cringe.

So the definition of tribe is:  a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.

By definition people who refer to their group (this was popular amongst the witchy / pagan community for a while last year, not sure about now) as their tribe consider themselves to be the leader of said group or recognizing that there must be a leader of their group. Of course I know this isn’t true. It was a term that was adopted to describe a close group of people who have similar interest (whether social or religious) to you and that you connected with.

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“Your vibe attracts your tribe” I believe was the phrase that was popularized in late 2015 and early 2016. Witches made videos discussing “finding their tribes”. As I said I personally cringe at the use of the word but that’s just because I already have my own idea of what a tribe should be or look like that is completely based on my own personal experiences. That being said, it is not my place to push my own personal ideals of what something should be or should look like.

So I ask you again, for the last time I promise, When does someone’s own personal experience (or a group of people’s experiences) or opinions begin to dictate what that word now means and who can use it?

Follow up question: Who or what gets to dictate or determine what is or isn’t a “real” coven? And do you have any experiences within a coven?

It’s not cool to be a feminist.

Is it not cool to be a feminist? Is it not cool to be proud to be a women and to be sure that we bring awareness to the fact that we are still held to a different standard than men when it comes to things like beauty standards and our sexuality?

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An ongoing trend, that I’ve been wanting to discuss recently, is women (online mainly) who have been “rejecting” feminism, or simply discrediting other females who proudly “wear” the label of feminist. I see it in the comments on YouTube videos, on Instagram and sometimes on Facebook. And the videos about “Why I’m not a feminist” are usually of women talking about how much they hate feminism. They go on rants about how it’s just women who hate men or because they’ve never experienced discrimination solely based on the fact that they have a vagina, it must mean that no other woman has either.

And then you read the comments of these videos. Guys patting these girls on the back, thankful that there are still some “smart women” in the world who know that they are “just as equal” as men and they don’t really need to fight for anything or raise awareness about anything to deal with oppression, discrimination or just downright misogynistic behavior.

They like to reference some radical no name (I say no name because it’s usually some random person with a random screen name not linked to any actually personal accounts) Tumblr user that said she’s a feminist and she hates men. As if that random person represents every feminist.

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I find myself questioning if these girls are only doing this because guys think they’re cool??? Or maybe they really are so sheltered in life that they don’t even realize what’s going on in the world around them???

I know this is pretty short and I’d love to go into more details about this topic because I am a feminist and this is something important to me. But I have so much work to do for my Etsy shop and, ya know, just general house work (ugh! Does anyone else hate washing dishes as much as me? lol)

I’ll catch all your lovely faces on the flipside ❤