It’s not cool to be a feminist.

Is it not cool to be a feminist? Is it not cool to be proud to be a women and to be sure that we bring awareness to the fact that we are still held to a different standard than men when it comes to things like beauty standards and our sexuality?

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An ongoing trend, that I’ve been wanting to discuss recently, is women (online mainly) who have been “rejecting” feminism, or simply discrediting other females who proudly “wear” the label of feminist. I see it in the comments on YouTube videos, on Instagram and sometimes on Facebook. And the videos about “Why I’m not a feminist” are usually of women talking about how much they hate feminism. They go on rants about how it’s just women who hate men or because they’ve never experienced discrimination solely based on the fact that they have a vagina, it must mean that no other woman has either.

And then you read the comments of these videos. Guys patting these girls on the back, thankful that there are still some “smart women” in the world who know that they are “just as equal” as men and they don’t really need to fight for anything or raise awareness about anything to deal with oppression, discrimination or just downright misogynistic behavior.

They like to reference some radical no name (I say no name because it’s usually some random person with a random screen name not linked to any actually personal accounts) Tumblr user that said she’s a feminist and she hates men. As if that random person represents every feminist.

Found on Pinterest

I find myself questioning if these girls are only doing this because guys think they’re cool??? Or maybe they really are so sheltered in life that they don’t even realize what’s going on in the world around them???

I know this is pretty short and I’d love to go into more details about this topic because I am a feminist and this is something important to me. But I have so much work to do for my Etsy shop and, ya know, just general house work (ugh! Does anyone else hate washing dishes as much as me? lol)

I’ll catch all your lovely faces on the flipside ❤


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