Stuck In Autumn

“It’s SPRING!” is what most people are rejoicing in right now. Ostara was about 2 weeks ago and I wanted so badly to really get into it this year. But it seems that I am forever stuck in autumn.

Spring is a time of manifesting, to me at least, it’s a time to begin those new adventures, that new project or start something fresh. That’s why we always hear about people doing their spring cleaning. I think this is because naturally, when the sun has been gone for so long and the days have been so cold, we want to start fresh when mother nature also starts fresh. The flowers and trees are blooming again with new life and the animals are ascending from hibernation. We naturally want to do the same.

Autumn (Mabon) for me is a time of reflection and endings. It signals, in my mind, a time to end projects I’ve been working on, reflect back on my year and to prepare for the darker days ahead. For me it’s a time of solitude. In the past this time of year definitely gave me Hermit vibes. Though the fall season is my favorite (Halloween is my all time favorite holiday and I make no apologies for that lol) but it’s still a time of darkness, shadow work and reflection.

I feel I have been stuck in this feeling for quite some time now. Since autumn of 2015 actually. I haven’t felt a sense of renewal, refreshment or rebirth since then and I think it’s shows in my practice both spiritually and magically. I don’t want to forces it but I do long to feel a sense of completion already.

Sometimes it feels like I’ve been trying to better understand the same shadows for the past 2 years. It might be time for me to take a step back from the shadow work and more forward for a little while. Maybe focus more of self love and manifesting, rather than trying to relive the past. I feel as if I just made a breakthrough while writing this lol.

So vow, to myself, here and now to try and re blossom and rebirth that old spark inside of myself. I intend on setting some new goals for this year and I feel like now is a great time for that.


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