Weekly Etsy Roundup | Week #2

If you follow my shop on IG then you already know that I am hard at work creating the new collection coming out later this summer. It’s heavily inspired by the music and style of Stevie Nicks.

Now that’s I’ve updated you about that, you’ll better understand why I’ve chosen these 5 listings. Can you feel the Stevie vibes?


Burnout Velvet Kimono Jacket 

From: SunshineDreamerr

I’ve always admired those beautiful shawls that Stevie would wear. I’m just personally not a shawl person but I do love the look and style. So when I came across this incredible kimono, I just couldn’t wait to share it with all of you.


Stretch Lace Headband

From: LeLeniShop

Headbands are one of my favorite accessories but in the summer it obviously not an ideal time to wear one. But lace headband (in my experience) are comfy all year round. Bonus… it’s lace lol and this shop has matching wrist cuffs too.


Retro Mood Ring

From: TwinkleStarzJewelry

One of my favorite things as a kid was mood rings. How else was I supposed to know how I was feeling? I’m so happy these little treasures are back in style.


The Antigua Boots

From: MyEthicalWardrobe

What’s a great outfit without the perfect shoe? These gorgeous boots aren’t just for walking, they help support the work and livelihoods of Guatemalan artisans. So you can look badass and know you’re also helping to keep creativity and craftsmanship alive and thriving.


Clear Quartz Crystal Hair Pins

From: RocksandRebels

I think it’s fair to say that every witchy queen loves her some crystals and what’s better than a beautiful piece of clear quartz on your altar? One in your hair of course. This listing include TWO hair pins. I’m already imagining the different style I could create with these babies.

And those are my 5 Etsy find this week! I hope you enjoy this little list and go support some awesome small handmade businesses.


Weekly Etsy Roundup | Week #1

Hello witchy babes! Having an Etsy shop myself, I know how hard it can sometimes be to get your shop noticed and make a name for yourself. It doesn’t help either when there’s hundreds of other shops selling similar creations as you. So I’ve decided to do a Weekly Etsy Roundup. Every Sunday I’ll be featuring 5 products on Etsy that have caught my eye.

So let’s get into week one –

il_570xn-1206738649_8j96Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner

From: Casey’s Cauldron

What’s better than an everyday plain jane toner? Why a magical one of course! Now it should be noted that the beautiful creator of this toner doesn’t claim it has any magical abilities. But come on, just looking at this wonderful packaging alone, it’s got to be a little magical… right?


Witch Cauldron Mug

From:  Dirty South Pottery

And what kind of witch would you be without an awesome cauldron mug to sip your herbal tea from. Really get you into that witchy mood to read some tea leafs or brew a potion.


Flower Garland

From: sea zen city

If you’re like me and can’t keep a plant alive to save your life, than this beautiful flower garland might be something for you. I think it would really bring an altar space together.


Pastel Gradient Moon Cycles Stickers

From: Over It Studio

If you’re as attached to your journals as much as I am then you’ll appreciate these pretty moon phase stickers that are perfect for any pastel witch babe.


Magical Vintage Perfume Bottle

From: Woodtown Witchery

The perfect little home for your special moon water, storm water, or any other kind of water. Or maybe your favorite oil blend? Either way this beauty is going to stand out either way!


And that’s all I have for this week’s weekly roundup. Check back next week for week two!